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Martin Salter

Memory Lane

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On his daughter’s suggestion, in 2020, Salter began to post his photographs from the 1990s and 2000s on Instagram, and they immediately attracted attention. As Britain stumbled into Brexit and the Covid pandemic struck, these photographs felt immensely reassuring. They were the recent past, our past, and were easily recognizable. Nothing changes, yet everything has changed.

Inquisitive people, armed with a copy of Memory Lane may one day try to find the Shoreditch tea hut or the Snowdonia rock, or try to book a ticket to the Regent in Redcar or Seaside Special in Cromer. Some of these are long gone, yet some remain. They may get a glimpse of the Man in the Cream Suit or the woman in the green dress on a bicycle in Farnham, or even see Martin Salter in the distance as he picks up his Rolleiflex and looks again at Britain, some twenty years on. Stranger things have happened.

Book Specifications
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
270x240mm (Portrait Orientation)
124 Pages
64 Images