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Photographer Matt Stuart created Plague Press publishing in 2016. Revived in 2020—the year of the plague—the rat carries Matt's own All That Life Can Afford as well as brand-new publications for photography lovers.

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Joel Meyerowitz on Cristóbal Hara's Plague Press book

Photography master Joel Meyerowitz listed Spanish Colour 1985-2020 by Cristóbal Hara as a favourite photography book from 2021.

"Spanish Color by the great Cristobal Hara is surprising and eloquent whether he is looking at small town Spanish architecture, celebrations, bullfighting, festivals, or just general street life. To all of these he brings his witty, graceful, balletic, but always invisible presence, and his compassionate sensibility. The works are astonishing, and keep opening up new considerations and visions the longer one stays with them." (Photobookstore, Dec. 3, 2021)

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